Author J. Manfred Weichsel
Into the Bush is a memoir about J. Manfred Weichsel's time in Hollywood when he wrote screenplays for the Action Girls and explored the pubic hair region of a 300-mile-tall giantess. It's a semi-sequel to his hit book Jungle Jitters, but fear not, you do not have to have read Jungle Jitters to understand this one. So, dive right in. 
Warrior Soul & Other Stories is a collection of twelve boundary-shattering tales that explore the fringes of what's possible in speculative fiction, taking readers on a journey to the far reaches of imagination and beyond. With stories originally published between 2018 and 2022, this book traces Weichsel's development as an author.
Savage Headhunters is a darkly-hilarious book that explores the unsettling reality of war through the eyes of American soldiers who collected Japanese skulls as trophies. This is the long-awaited third entry in Weichsel's Tales to Make You Vomit series. 
Planet of the Wage Slaves is J. Manfred Weichsel's most topical book! What's it about? The title says it all. 
The Calydonian Boar Hunt is a subversive retelling of a classic Greek myth. It's a funny, action-packed, escapist satire about ancient Greek heroes hunting a monstrous boar.
Not Far from Eden is a dark fantasy set in primeval earth, based on an ancient myth about angels who rebel against God to have sex with human women. It is a sexy, heartbreaking laugh-out-loud tale full of long-suppressed and forbidden knowledge. Weichsel's books have taken a turn for the weird lately, and this one definitely follows that trend. 
Jungle Jitters is a horror adventure about a cult in the Congo that worships the legacy of a real-life Soviet mad scientist who wanted to breed a human-chimpanzee hybrid. It is an exciting, funny, horrifying tale of science gone amok. It also has a few scenes of extreme content that are too much for most people. Weichsel definitely went too far with this one! 
Five Maidens on the Pentagram is a Gothic horror sex farce about a satanic wizard who poses as the head doctor at an insane asylum in order to perform a demonic rite. Most of Weichsel's fans say this is his funniest book. You should totally read it. It's a real wild ride.   
Ebu Gogo is a crazy jungle adventure about cryptozoologists in an Indonesian rainforest searching for little three to four foot tall humanoid cryptids called Ebu Gogo. It’s Weichsel’s most popular book. It has a lot of disgusting sex and nauseating violence. You're going to love it.
She Was Asking for It is a murder mystery about the depraved sex lives of failed Hollywood actors and actresses. It is so disgusting you probably won't be able to read it without throwing up. Go ahead and give it a try. I dare you.
Kittycat Massacre is about a troubled young girl and boy who run away from home to go live in the woods, only to end up in the house of a deranged woman who tortures and kills cats! It's really gross. It has a lot of cat guts and gore and stuff. It’ll totally make you throw up.


"I've always admired Weichsel's blunt, raw, shoot-the-hostages style"

— Customer Review
"J. Manfred Weichsel’s latest book, Five Maidens on the Pentagram, is a dark, twisted tale of horror that will offend many people."

— Customer Review
"Ebu Gogo is an adventure in the jungle where nothing is quite what it seems"

— Customer Review
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